Lost for words?

I have worked with any number of excellent editors in my time . . . but even in their august company Matt Turner stands out. He has the eagle eyes essential for the trade, but also brought to this project a rare sympathy and a vast depth of knowledge.

—John McCrystal, author, Singing the Trail (Allen & Unwin, 2019)



Case stories, brochures, books, tenders, social media posts . . . words are an essential part of your communication. Your language needs to be clear, correct and compelling. Let me help.

PROOFREADING —— Books, B2B communication, online content, promotional material, product packaging . . . if it has words, I’ll proof it. So let me run through your text to ensure it is clear, consistent, persuasive and free of errors. I’m happy to work on paper or on an emailed pdf.

EDITING —— Clear and concise expression is the key to compelling communication. Even the finest prose benefits from another pair of eyes. Whether you’re after a quick once-over or a structural edit/rewrite, I can help. Length isn’t an issue: I’m as happy editing a hundred words as I am tackling an in-depth essay, a company report or a book. Some examples are here.

WRITING —— I’ve written over a dozen non-fiction books (see examples), as well as hundreds of partwork articles on a wide range of topics. So if your needs call for writing or editing or even something between the two, let’s talk.

For all services, I charge an hourly rate rounded to quarter-hour units, with monthly billing as standard.

Why choose me? I have over three decades of experience, a chameleon’s sense of local colour and context, and a firm grip on the English language. Short deadlines are often not a problem; if you’re in a pinch, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.


Please take a moment, too, to look at my blog on grammar, syntax and style. Scroll down for the ‘Follow’ button.

Why grammar? Does anyone really care? Indeed they do.

Maybe you’re a media professional, or you scout for new clients, or you have to write an online bio, or a sales pitch, or a job description/application, or website content or a tender. If you produce poorly written text, it could be confusing or factually ambiguous. It could cost you credibility, clients, customers, contracts. You do not want to look bad when you need to look good.

This is where I can help.

I like rescuing clients from word purgatory, and recently I decided to spread the love. So I’m sharing some tips on grammar, style, punctuation and syntax. I don’t cover every point in the rule book, but focus instead on issues that crop up frequently.

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